Glaze Donuts

Frequently Asked Questions

Glaze offers catering options for personal and corporate events, including donuts by the dozen(s), mega cakes, donut towers and donut walls.

Are your donuts made fresh daily?

 Absolutely! We wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our donuts are made fresh each morning.

What do you do with the unsold donuts?

Donuts that aren’t lucky enough to make someone smile that day are provided to the local shelters and the surrounding community.  

Where are the donuts produced/made?

They’re made in the Glaze factory, located in Hackensack, NJ, a skip, hop, and throw from the other stores.

Are your donuts Vegan? Gluten Free? Do they contain eggs? Dairy? What type of oil is used?

Our donuts contain soy, dairy, egg and gluten.  We use Pure Vegetable Oil to fry the donuts.

Do you use nuts in the factory? Which donuts contain nuts?

Our facility is not a nut-free one, however, we have loads of donuts that do not contain any nuts!  The donuts that do contain nuts are Banana Foster, Hurtle the Turtle, Heavenly Hash, Maple Walnut, PB&J (contain peanuts), and Reese’s (contain peanuts).

Can you pre-order donuts ahead of time? If so, what is your policy? What if we need to cancel our order?

Of course you can pre-order in advance! It’s the only way to guarantee that the donut you had your heart set on, isn’t sold out.  There is a minimum order of 12 donuts required with a 6-donut minimum per flavor (i.e.: if you’d like one donut flavor, the minimum would be 12 donuts. If you’d like two donut flavors, the minimum would be 12 donuts with 6 of each flavor. If you’d like three donut flavors, the minimum would be 18 donuts with 6 of each flavor).

A preorder is submitted on our website here and is not confirmed until a Glaze manager replies, confirms the order, and payment is made. Orders must be made 36 hours in advance of the requested pick-up time and no more than 7 days before the requested pick-up date. Megacakes require 72 hours advance notice.

Cancellations must occur more than 24 hours of the scheduled pick-up time to receive a refund. The earliest pick-up time is 9 AM with the exception of our Signature weekend donuts (Napolean & Italian Rainbow) with the earliest pick-up time of 10 AM.

Do you offer Catering for corporate and social events? If so, what do you offer? Is there a delivery charge? Can you individually wrap the donuts?

Absolutely! We’ve got your donut dreams covered, including donuts by the dozen(s), megacakes, donut towers, and donut walls. All catering/event inquiries must be made at least 72 hours in advance and are not confirmed until a Glaze manager replies, confirms the order, and payment is made. Our full list of capabilities can be found here.

Our delivery charges range from $35-75 depending on the location. If requested, we can also individually wrap each donut at a cost.

When was Glaze Donuts established? How many stores do you have?

Glaze opened its first location in 2014. We currently have 3 stores in the North Jersey area, and one under construction in Queens, New York, expected to open this Fall. All store information can be found here.

How long do your donuts stay fresh?

Our donuts are best enjoyed the day you get them. They can still be consumed the following day or two, however, we recommend day-of consumption for maximum enjoyment and quality preservation.

Does Glaze offer franchising?

Glaze intends to offer franchising to motivated and experienced entrepreneurial operators in the next 12-24 months. Glaze will also offer development rights to motivated, capable, and well-capitalized groups that have the appetite to open many units in exclusive territories. All franchise partners should have an operational background in restaurant management and/or owner. You can currently sign up to be added to our franchise wait-list here.

Does Glaze offer wholesaling?

Glaze does offer wholesaling to local businesses, cafes, delis, restaurants and more. We require a two-dozen minimum order at least 5X weekly. Our donuts must be served fresh daily to your customers and can not be reused the following day.

What else does Glaze sell besides Donuts?

Other than our Classic, Artisan and Signature Donuts, we offer our signature Glaze Brew personally crafted and brewed by Kobrick Coffee, specialty teas, and pastries baked daily.

Do you offer delivery? If so, how do you go about ordering?

You can find us on GrubHub, UberEats and DoorDash here.

What is the proper storage for the donuts? Can/should the donuts be refrigerated and/or frozen?

We do not suggest freezing our donuts. You can refrigerate our donuts, if need be, however, we suggest that you take them out 30-minutes before enjoying. As always, our donuts are best consumed fresh, the day you get them!

What COVID-19 procedures do you have in place?

All of them! We follow all CDC guidelines for our stores and factory. All team members are required to wear a mask at all times. Our guest-facing employees use new disposable gloves for each transaction. All high touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected constantly. Only 4 people are allowed in the stores at any time and we enforce the 6-feet, socially distant regulations. Hand sanitizer is available at each register for our guests and team. If requested for Catering orders, we can individually wrap each donut..

Do you have a Rewards/Loyalty program?

Sure do! We offer a Rewards program that’s simple to use and enjoy. Additional information can be found here.